Healing Power of Touch


Relaxation and healing treatments through the power of touch:

  • Ayurvedic Vatki foot massage
  • Ayurvedic facial using Kansa Wand
  • Reflexology for children
  • Reflexology for pregnancies
  • Baby massage

Ayurvedic Vatki foot massage

The Vatki cup is a small bowl made from copper, zinc and tin. This metal alloy (Kansa) is known in Ayurveda as the 'healing metal'. It is believed that copper can help reduce pain and inflammation, zinc in aiding the immune and digestive systems, and tin in aiding digestion, headaches and insomnia. This treatment can be taken alone or ideally combined with reflexology.

Ayurvedic facial using Kansa Wand

This facial uses the Kansa Wand and massage to rejuvinate by tightening facial muscles, reducing inflammation, balancing pH levels and increasing circulation. It is a natural and relaxing way towards a clear and rejuvinated complexion. This treatment can be taken alone or ideally combined with reflexology.

Reflexology for children

Reflexology is adapted for babies, toddlers and children to help with body and mind:

  • Physical symptoms such as colic, wind, asthma, eczema, ear congestion, digestive issues, sleeping problems etc.
  • Emotional symptoms such as anxiety and depression, i.e. exam anxt and stress, coping with learning difficulties.

Reflexology for pregnancy and maternity

Reflexology can successfully be used before, during and after pregnancy:

  • Before pregnancy to prepare the body for conception.
  • During pregnancy to help relieve symptoms of discomfort, hormone imbalance, or help induce labour at the right time.
  • After pregnancy to help the body heal and adjust.

Baby massage

Individual or group classes where you learn how to massage your baby. It is a great way to bond and spend precious time with your baby. Understanding and practising massage can help your baby with sleep, colic and wind problems.

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